Batik Paintings

Mr. Choo has been painting for more than 40 years, and expresses his love of nature by putting landscape sceneries, fishes, mountains, rivers, flowers, rocks & villages into pieces of silk. Having grown up in a fishing village in Terengganu, he likes to paint fishes especially the Japanese Koi Fish in Batik Color.

Koi Fish Pond Batik, silk batik, 100cm x 58cm, RM4,000 A0002023

Traditional batik requires many applications of wax & dye. When the wax is removed, the lines are white. The art lies in the skillful drawing and the unique painting technique, which is best considered as batik colour on fabric. Artist GM Choo uses a metal tool called a chanting that has been filled in with boiling wax to follow the sketch on the textile before it is dyed.

Fishing Village at Night, Silk Batik Painting, 63 cm x 43 cm, 1000.00 RM

Batik is an unique heritage of Malaysia. Therefore, Mr. Choo’s mission is to promote Malaysian culture through his artistic journey. He takes extra efforts to ensure that the process of producing a piece of batik is special by making every single design uniquely handmade.


Orchids, Silk Batik Painting, 107 cm x 107 cm, 4,000 RM

According to Mr. GM Choo, in order to achieve greater success in the field of art, one must not only have interest and talent, but also the perseverance to excel in his art. He likens batik art to mastering Kung Fu. The success of  Shao Lin Kung Fu does not depend solely on the guidance of the masters, but also the extraction of essence from other streams of Kung Fu. Likewise Choo has extracted the essence and humbly learned from other successful artists in producing batik without ceasing to achieve a breakthrough in his skills & techniques.

Marine Sanctuary, Silk Batik, 107cm x 107cm, RM4,000 A0002013