Mixed Media Paintings

With his trademark cotton cap, Choo Git Man or GM Choo is an artist who simply thrives in his works and none other than batik & mixed media paintings. Having lived in Terengganu for almost 30 years, it’s little wonder that he has been strongly influenced by the richness of this traditional art form.

Landscape, oil painting on canvas, 107cm x 107cm, RM2,300 A0002024

As he sits and paints on the easel along the walk-way fronting his gallery, he leaves an impression of a man who paints with abandon – inviting all to see and marvel at his craft. At 71, Choo is absolutely absorbed in his own art world. Though, a late starter, he has today caught up with lost time and wields his brushes like a magical wand. Art is his ‘love, hobby and business’ rolled into one which he approaches with no apologies and does full-time in his own passive ways.

Using oil, acrylic, water colour and mixed media, Choo paints a variety of subjects from landscapes, ‘koi’ fishes, and abstracts but clearly favours painting the carping ‘kois’ as evident from the displays in his gallery.

Full Moon, oil painting on canvas, 61cm x 121 cm, RM3,000 A0002025

Waterfalls, mixed media, 700 cm x 95 cm, 3500 RM A0002026

Ocean, mixed media, 115 cm x 90 cm, RM2,500 A0002027