Mr. GM Choo gladly accepts commissions for batiks and paintings.
Please contact us for more details: tel/fax: +606-282 9892  or email:

Two Roosters, silk batik, 63cm x 43cm SOLD December, 2010

Beautiful Orchid Flowers, silk batik, 115cm x 63cm, code 0055, SOLD July, 2010

18 Kois, one of a series of 3 oil painting, 40 inches x 24 inches, SOLD

Nine Kois and a Lotus, oil painting, 108cm x 108cm, SOLD

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang, Batik , 80cm x 150cm, special order commissioned piece

Arowana, oil painting, 83cm x 108cm, Code - G001088, special order